She Named Her Baby Girl “Eddie-Munson” After The “Stranger Things” Character Without Her Husband’s Permission, And Now Her Entire Family Is Furious

olenachukhil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

About three years ago, this twenty-eight-year-old woman married her husband, who is thirty-two. And apparently, much of their relationship has been based around the hit show Stranger Things.

The couple first met five years ago while attending Comic Con. They had both just gotten out of rough prior relationships and were dressed up as– you guessed it– Stranger Things characters. And not just any old characters, either.

She was specifically dressed up as Nancy Wheeler, and her husband was supposed to be Steve Harrington– the two teens who are head-over-heels in love with each other (but don’t always admit it). So, to her, their pairing felt like fate.

“It was like we were made for each other,” she recalled.

Then, after being married for a bit over two years, she and her husband found out that they were expecting their first child about nine months ago.

This was a massive surprise– since she had been told for years that she would never be able to conceive a child.

So, she and her husband were overjoyed, especially because they had always wanted kids but did not want to go through the adoption process.

Anyway, throughout her entire pregnancy, she and her husband binged a ton of television. They also specifically rewatched the entire Stranger Things series and got really into the show again. At that point, she also decided to name her baby after one of the fictional characters.

“Since it had such a huge impact on our relationship,” she explained.

olenachukhil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

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