She’s Issuing A Warning About Hot Water Bottles After An Incident With One Left Her Family Traumatized

TikTok - @saritaharrar

After a harrowing experience with a hot water bottle, this mom is getting onto TikTok to warn people about the dangers that hot water bottles pose.

She is hoping to prevent other families from suffering through the same ordeal that her family went through.

One fateful weekend, Sarita Harrar (@saritaharrar) had a hot water bottle burst on her daughter, giving her several burn injuries. Luckily, her daughter was fine, but the incident shook the family.

“She had a cold, the heating was on, but she was still shivering, hence the hot water bottle. According to the nurse, this is a seasonal injury and VERY common at this time of year,” she wrote in the caption.

Now, Sarita is sharing information about hot water bottle safety, how to tell when it was made, and first aid for burns.

Old bottles increase the chances of scalding water exploding onto you or your children, so checking the date of manufacture is crucial. Bottles should be thrown out after three years.

The date is not easy to read; it’s almost like a secret code. Sarita demonstrated how to interpret the code. There is a circle at the top of the bottle that is divided into several sections.

By counting the number of dots that are in each section, you can determine the month and week in which the bottle was manufactured. There is also a number in the middle of the circle that shows the year.

“So my hot water bottle is eight years old. I guess I was in a false sense of security that it was okay because the cover was so beautiful,” she said.

Then, Sarita showed viewers the corresponding damage between the outside of the bottle and the inside.

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