You Probably Have Never Caught This Error In The Filming Of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” Starring Jim Carrey

Recently, one TikToker was watching the holiday flick and noticed that at one point in the movie, the Grinch’s normally beady-yellow eyes go back to brown for a few short seconds.

It happens during the scene when the Grinch is in downtown Whoville, donning the Christmas tree jumpsuit and walking over to the “Dumpit or Crumpit” trash chute.

Then, after the Grinch lifts up the lid and turns back toward the camera– making a shocked and wide-eyed face– the orbs are no longer yellow or beady. Instead, Jim Carrey’s naturally brown eyes can be seen as clear as day!

As soon as the next scene begins, though, the Grinch’s complexion is completely back to normal.

So, the TikToker believes that this error occurred because either Jim Carrey forgot to put his colored contact lenses back in for the scene or the production team forgot to edit the yellow irises in after filming.

No matter the reason, though, the mistake has been there for two decades. Yet, this TikTok exposing the slip-up has literally opened the eyes of millions of Grinch lovers everywhere who have never caught the error.

The video reached over 4.2 million viewers, gained over five hundred and seventy thousand likes, and spurred a ton of conversation in the comment section.

“I’ve watched the Grinch so many times and never noticed this,” shared one user.

“The Grinch is my comfort movie. I have watched it a million times, even last night, and I have NEVER noticed this,” agreed another user.

Despite the brown eyes being a mistake, though, many of the movie’s fans also revealed how they actually did not mind the error.

“To be honest, it works pretty okay without the contacts,” opined one commenter.

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