This Young Man Claims That As A Kid, He And His Family Actually Saw The Real Santa Claus Flying Through The Sky

Andrey Kiselev - - illustrative purposes only

This young man is about to turn twenty years old. But, even now, as a young adult, he is still convinced that he saw the real Santa Claus as a child.

It all began back when he was about ten years old, and he, his sister, his grandparents, and his parents went to see one of The Santa Clause movies starring Tim Allen.

Apparently, it was playing in a small theatre in New Mexico at the time, and his family was among only about thirty other people in the theatre.

Anyway, after the movie ended, he and his family started to leave when his grandparents noticed two people– a man and a woman– who looked like Santa and Mrs. Claus. So, his grandparents instructed him and his sister to go and greet the couple.

Now, he does not really remember much about that interaction. All he can recall is that it was short and brief.

But that did not take any of the joy away, and he and his sister were still ecstatic, thinking that they had just met the real Santa.

Following that meet and greet, he and his family then proceeded to walk out into the parking lot, get into their car, and start driving back home.

During the ride, though, he then noticed a bright red light flying through the air.

“I am a very bad judge of distance, so I couldn’t tell you how high up it was. But, it was definitely too low to be any aircraft,” he explained.

Andrey Kiselev – – illustrative purposes only

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