“Blush Nails” Are The Perfect Way To Match Your Manicure To The “Cold Girl” Makeup Trend, So Here Are Two Methods For You To Master This Look At Home

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Have you ever waited for the bus or hustled to work in the winter, only to be embarrassed by your bright red cheeks and blushing nose after reaching the warm indoors?

Well, this year, women around the U.S. are saying goodbye to the shame and actually embracing this chilly look with a new trend.

“Cold girl” makeup has been all the rage, with enthusiasts trying to replicate the winter-kissed look we are left with after venturing out into the brisk air.

This makeup trend is glossy and mimics the flushed and frosty appearance we get after fetching the mail, taking a walk, going skiing, or doing literally anything that causes us to shiver.

But, while many “cold girls” have just been focusing this trend on their facial makeup– sporting matte foundation, blushing cheeks, and glossy pink lips– some are also letting the fad influence their manicures.

“Blush nails” are a mani trend that originated in Korea, giving nails a healthy and subtle glow that fits in perfectly with the “cold girl” look.

Essentially, the nail base is a nude color– meant to match your personal skin tone. Then, in the center, there is a pop of radial ombré pink– making you look like you just walked inside from a long day of shopping the wintery New York City streets or skiing down the slopes.

The resulting look is simultaneously subtle yet eye-catching and is an interesting play on the “aura nails” trend that spread like wildfire over this past summer.

So, as we plunge deeper into January, now is the perfect time to try this nail style out for size. Plus, there are not just one but two ways for you to replicate this chilly look at home.

gorynvd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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