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Her Daughter Is Getting Married, But She’s Not Invited Because It Seems Her Daughter Is Afraid That She Will Outshine Her On Her Wedding Day

pyrozenko13 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old woman has a daughter who is 23, and as her daughter grew older, their relationship got strained.

She says this is due to the fact that she’s pretty conventionally attractive, and her daughter began to feel “self-conscious” next to her.

When her daughter was still a child, her daughter was loving and kind towards her, and her daughter meant everything to her.

But, as her daughter grew up, she started to really resent her, especially when people would make mean remarks about her looks.

She did her best to protect her daughter from the cruelty of others the best that she could, but she could only do so much.

She believed that the love she had for her daughter could help pull her out of all of this, but then her daughter accused her of feeling sorry for her.

“Her late teens were especially brutal,” she explained. “My baby was hurting, and I felt helpless. We tried everything, like therapy, changing scenery, etc., but nothing got better. I’ve always loved fashion and looking nice, but I stopped wearing makeup or beautiful clothes because I hated seeing her being devastated every time I got compliments.”

“Before moving to another city for college, she told me that she hated me. She thought I was a disgusting gold digger who married an ugly man for his money, not thinking how her children would turn out to be. I met my husband when I was 18, and he was 35 at a bar. I never saw him as ugly.”

“He swept me off my feet with his sense of humor and kindness and his beautiful eyes. He is the most handsome man I know, and I still light up whenever I see his face. He is very rich, yes, and I loved that too; life is so much easier if you’re happy and you have the means to make the rest easy.”

pyrozenko13 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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