She Has Some Words Of Wisdom For How Middle Schoolers And High Schoolers Can Stop Feeling Left Out, And What She Has To Say Is Honestly Brilliant

Mat Hayward - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Aside from bringing home a bad grade and making their parents angry, every teen’s worst fear is being left out and treated like an outcast.

For teenagers, supportive friendships and social circles are especially important because this is the stage where they’re navigating a bunch of new changes.

TikToker Kailey Breyer (@kaileybreyer) is drawing from her own experiences and sharing three tips that those in middle school and high school should keep in mind if they want to build new friendships and stop being excluded from the social scene.

Honestly, what Kailey has to say is honestly brilliant, and it’s something that can take people a lifetime to figure out.

“Growing up, I tried so freaking hard to be popular, and I finally became liked and respected by everyone in my high school when I stopped trying,” said Kailey.

The first tip is to stop being so agreeable. Make your opinion known, even if it contradicts the majority consensus.

People like to see that you have confidence in your opinion. Confidence is key.

Next, stop being a follower. You don’t need to emulate what the so-called popular people are doing. Order the food you like to eat and wear clothes you want to wear instead of following the trends.

“Once again, people want to be friends with people who are independent,” emphasized Kailey.

Mat Hayward – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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