Her 18-Year-Old Friend Is Pregnant, So Now, She Isn’t Sure If They Should Be Roommates In College Anymore

mtrlin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is 18-years-old and currently in college. And while she pursues higher education, she has been living with her good friend– who is also 18.

Now, she and her friend initially planned on remaining roommates for the next school year as well. So, even though they had not found a place yet, they did start looking around together.

But, more recently, she found out some shocking news about her friend that has made her question whether they should be roommates anymore.

Apparently, her friend revealed that she was pregnant. Her friend is also planning on keeping the child– which means the baby would obviously be living with them next year.

Now, this concerns her for a few reasons. First of all, the father of her friend’s child lives in a city that is a few hours away– meaning that he will only be around to help out with the baby on the weekends. He is also unemployed, and her friend has not told her parents about the pregnancy.

So, she has no clue how her friend plans to financially support the baby after giving birth.

As for why her friend cannot just live with the father of her child– remember, the dad lives a few hours away. This means that commuting to college would be virtually impossible for her friend.

On top of the practical concerns, she also has some personal worries, too. Most notably, she just does not feel great about living with an expectant mom and eventually having a baby in the house while she tries to focus on her schoolwork and her future career.

Don’t get me wrong– she claims that her friend is really great, and she likes being roommates a lot right now. After she learned about the pregnancy, her friend also claimed to still want to be roommates next year, too.

mtrlin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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