In 1984, This 14-Year-Old Boy Took His Dog For A Walk In The Woods: His Dog Returned Home, But He Was Never Seen Or Heard From Again

Colorado Bureau of Investigation - pictured above is Christopher

In July 1984, Christopher Harvey and his family traveled to stay at their summer trailer home.

The Harveys typically resided in Andrews, Texas. But, during the warmer months, they frequented their trailer in Hinsdale County, Colorado– located at the edge of San Juan National Forest and about 17 miles away from Pagosa Springs.

And on the afternoon of July 11 that year, Christopher– who was 14-years-old at the time– decided to visit one of his friends who lived down the road at about 3:00 p.m.

While hanging out, the two teenage boys reportedly discussed a band camp that Christopher had been planning to attend later that summer. Then, once they finished catching up, Christopher headed back to his family’s trailer to pick up his dog.

The 14-year-old planned to take his pet on a walk through the woods. Following their departure, though, the dog returned back to the trailer shortly after. Christopher never returned home from the walk.

An official search for the teenage boy was not launched until the following day, July 12, at about 12:00 p.m.

At first, authorities believed that Christopher might have gotten lost in the woods while hiking. Investigators stated that the 14-year-old was actually a highly skilled backpacker; however, he did not have any of the necessary supplies that were needed for a long stay in the forest.

So, both state and local authorities conducted an extensive search of the surrounding areas. They also received aid from local community members who volunteered to help with the search efforts. Unfortunately, though, no evidence of Christopher was ever uncovered.

Then, six weeks after Christopher disappeared, a teenage boy was discovered semi-conscious near Gypsum, Colorado, on a remote road. The boy reportedly could not say who he was, and he had not been carrying any identification.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation – pictured above is Christopher

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