Her Fiancé Wants Her To Use Her Emergency Fund To Pay Off His Credit Card Debt, But She Is Worried About Draining Her Savings Should Things End Badly

Jadon Bester/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman is from Canada. And recently, her 29-year-old American fiancé proposed to her. He also wants her to move to the United States.

Now, she plans to continue working after moving to the states. While her green card application is processing, though, there will be at least a three-month period when she cannot earn any income.

So, during that time, she planned to support herself by living off her savings. She also hoped to use her free time to advance her skills and learn as much as possible in order to land a great new job.

Recently, though, her fiancé shared how he had different plans for her savings account. Apparently, he actually wanted her to use her emergency funds to pay off all of his credit card debt.

“He explained that his debt would be my debt [after marriage], and it would be best to pay it off to save in the long run,” she recalled.

Obviously, though, this was very alarming to her for a few reasons. First of all, once she transfers her money from CAD to USD, she will lose 40 percent.

On top of that, it freaked her out that her fiancé wanted her to deplete her only money source should the engagement fall apart, and she needed to support herself alone.

Finally, she will also be footing the bill for her green card application, as well as draining her savings to pay for rent, groceries, and half of all their bills.

“So what’s stopping him from just divorcing me once the debt has been paid?” she asked.

Jadon Bester/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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