Her Niece Beat Her Daughter In Another Dance Competition, So She Claimed Her Sister’s Kids Were Nepotism Babies Who Were Given More Resources And Opportunities 

rusvideo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 29-year-old woman has a younger sister named Sarah, who is 25. Both she and Sarah also have daughters who are 8-years-old and enrolled in dance. Her niece, however, is apparently considered a better dancer than her own daughter.

Her niece also beat her daughter at a dance competition recently– which she claims happens pretty often.

She and Sarah took their daughters out afterward, though. And apparently, her sister started praising her niece for working so hard.

Then, Sarah reportedly turned her attention to her daughter, claiming that it would “click” for her little girl one day.

And at that moment, she made a snide remark back at her sister that she admits might have been wrong.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but I said, ‘Well, thank god she [Sarah’s daughter] did because that would mean you spent all that money for no reason.”

Afterward, Sarah looked at her, confused, and she decided to explain her comment. More specifically, she pointed out how her niece had more advantages than her daughter did.

For instance, she claimed that Sarah had more money to “dump into” her niece’s dance instruction than she could provide for her own daughter– because, apparently, her sister’s ex-husband is from a rich family with connections.

On top of that, she knew that Sarah received a good amount of money in child support and alimony from her ex-husband.

rusvideo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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