Here Are 5 Unique Tarot Card Decks Perfect For Beginners Who Are Looking To Get In Touch With Their Spiritual Side

In fact, the celestial art is actually designed by Annalise Dragonetti, the founder of Terra Soleil, whose work has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Each deck is also handmade and is designed for anyone to use– ranging from beginners to advanced tarot card readers.

It even comes with an eco-friendly and reusable linen bag, as well as a hand-selected quartz crystal and a gold-foil moon and stars crystal pouch.

So, if you want to bring more light, airy, and ethereal energy into your life, you cannot go wrong with this deck.

You can get the Stardust Tarot Deck here on Etsy from TerraSoleilCo for $59.99.

Transire Tarot Deck – $26.10

Image courtesy of Etsy

If you are not a fan of light and airy but rather opt for darker energy, this unique tarot card deck is definitely for you.

Many tarot decks out there today are inspired by the classic Rider-Waite design. However, this Transire Tarot Deck is entirely different– sporting all-black cards and illustrated linework designs.

And in spite of the more minimal imagery, newbies do not have to worry about interpreting each card’s meaning. Instead, the deck actually comes with a guidebook in three different languages– English, Chinese, and Japanese.

You can get the Transire Tarot Deck here on Etsy from HTF4Tarot for $26.10.

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