A Guy Asked Her Out To A Very Upscale Wine Bar, But When The Check Came, He Expected Her To Pay For Half, And It Really Irritated Her

Nejron Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

On Friday evening, this 33-year-old woman met up with a 38-year-old guy for a first date. She initially met this guy through a dating app, and he picked out a very upscale wine bar for the date.

When she arrived at the wine bar and sat down with him, he also selected the wine they would be drinking that evening.

This guy then suggested getting a couple of snacks to both share, which she agreed to, but he picked all of those out as well.

“It was a really lovely evening, the conversation was great, and we really got on,” she explained.

“However, when it came to getting the bill, he suggested we split it. Now I really don’t expect people to pay for me and don’t think that men should pay for everything at all, but the bill was almost £70 (around $84) for a bottle of wine and some snacks!”

“There’s no way I would have ordered such an expensive bottle of wine and was annoyed that he’d chosen it without checking if that was ok if he expected to go halves.”

Another thing that really irritated her was that it was obvious this guy made a ton more money than she did.

He also told her a story about charging his roommates more money on their share of the rent so he could pay less.

While she had a lovely time on their date, if she knew she would have to pay for half of everything, she never would have said yes to the really pricey wine bar he wanted to go to.

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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