She Started Hiding Out In A Secret Crawl Space In Her Bedroom Whenever Her Stepmom Wanted Her To Babysit, So Now Her Stepmom Is Accusing Her Of Sneaking Out, And Her Dad Thinks Her Stepmom Is Crazy

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few years ago, this young 16-year-old girl lost her mother in a bad accident. So, ever since then, she has been living with her father.

Following the loss of her mom, though, her dad started attending a grief group. There, he ultimately met her new stepmother, Josie– who he married last year.

Josie has two children– two boys who are 8 and 6-years-old– who also now live with her and her father. Apparently, though, she despises living with her stepbrothers.

She claims that Josie’s eldest son has severe ADHD and is always making messes, breaking household items, and having meltdowns over tiny situations. Plus, her younger stepbrother reportedly acts similarly– although he is “not quite as bad.”

Regardless, both boys always invade her personal space by going into her bedroom, taking her things, or breaking her belongings. And she just cannot deal with it.

“I babysat them once when our parents were dating, and I would rather jump off a building than ever have to watch them again, I swear to God,” she said.

“Josie offered to pay me when they were dating, but I said no.”

Although, ever since her dad and Josie tied the knot and they all moved in together, the pressure for her to babysit her stepbrothers has been mounting.

Apparently, Josie will try to make her watch the kids by running out to the store for an hour and leaving her there. Or, her new stepmom will just load her up with a bunch of chores whenever she doesn’t watch the kids.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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