This Boomer Has Taken TikTok By Storm Since Posting Tons Of Hilariously Relatable Video Edits That Play Into Gen Z Habits And Trends

Tatyana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I believe that the reason TikTok has become so popular is because of the video platform’s unmatched relatability. Sure, there are some creators who still use face-altering filters and effects.

But, the majority of influencers who have gone viral on TikTok offer a new level of transparency and realness that overly-edited Instagram photos just cannot compete with.

On the platform, we can forget about highlighting the shiniest or most aesthetically pleasing parts of our life. Instead, viewers love the comical, the unpredictable, and the tiny parts of our day-to-day that are rarely discussed yet so relatable.

Perhaps most unpredictable, though, is how one older man has managed to become the go-to creative content guru among young women.

Now, we don’t know his name, but if you frequent the video platform, then you definitely know his face. Posted on the profile @Xoxosyringa, one boomer has remarkably gained millions of views just by relating to the younger female demographic.

It is unclear who this man is and what relation he has to the account’s true owner– named Syringa. But his hilarious TikTok edits have taken the internet by storm.

One video, for instance, was posted just one week ago and related to an activity we all know and love– shopping.

The caption reads, “Me spending all my money the second I get paid,” and features the man hilariously lip-syncing a viral Lana Del Rey soundbite while surrounded by a collage of pink clothing, makeup, and self-care items.

This TikTok alone attracted over 1.8 million views, gained 286,000 likes, and prompted countless comments from young women around the globe who could wholeheartedly relate.

Tatyana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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