This Love Guru Is Discussing The 5 “Lazy” Kind Of Texts That Are Completely Keeping You Single, So You Might Want To Think Twice Before Sending Them

Next up is: “When am I going to see you?” Rather than sending this particular text, try being more assertive. Have a plan in place and set up a time and date to meet up together. Your crush will respect you for it.

Third: Hey/Sup. How is someone going to respond to that? It makes you sound so detached and indifferent to the other person.

“You say this to strangers, not people you’re building intimacy with. Make greetings more personal, so they feel the love,” Byron emphasized.

Number four: “Have a good day!” This line is the opposite of a greeting. It implies that the conversation had ended before it even began.

And finally, there’s “Good morning!” Yes, of course, you hope your crush has a good morning, but this brief two-word text message is guaranteed to make the conversation fizzle out. To inspire more conversation, add a question about their plans for the day.

Being more aware of your texting habits can enhance your communication in a relationship. So if you’re guilty of sending lazy texts on a regular basis, rectify the situation ASAP!


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