While She Was Driving Home From Work One Night, A Man Tried To Follow Her Home, And Even Though She Managed To Lose Him, It Still Frightens Her To This Day

keleny - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

These days, with all of the scary information about human trafficking and stories about abduction plaguing our feeds, it’s so important to be wary of our surroundings, even if we’re driving in our cars. 

One woman recently shared a story of when she had to escape a predatory stranger who tried to trick her while driving. 

She was 23-years-old and worked at a pizza delivery place in Colorado Springs for the summer. Late at night, as she was driving home after one of her shifts, she pulled up to a stop light and noticed another car pull up right next to hers. They were the only two cars on the road. 

Next to her was a middle-aged man who was well-dressed and driving a decent car. He began motioning for her to roll her window down. She figured he was trying to tell her she had a flat tire or left the gas flap open, so she rolled her window down.

“Hey there,” said the man. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing out late?”

She told him that she had just gotten off work, so he asked her where she was going. Unfortunately, this is where she made the mistake of telling him that she was going home. 

Then, he said he’d like to talk to her for a minute. She said no, and started feeling desperate for the traffic light to turn green so she could speed off. He kept pressuring her, telling her that she should pull over into the dark, empty parking lot off the side of the road near them so they could “talk.”

She told him no one last time and sped away as soon as the light turned green. However, that wasn’t the last she would see of the man.

He started following her in his car, freaking her out. Even when she began driving down residential streets, he was there. 

keleny – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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