Florida Deputies Jumped In To Rescue A Man Whose Car Became Stuck Underwater, And It Ultimately Was The iPhone’s Crash Detection Feature That Helped To Save This Man’s Life

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One of my biggest fears while driving is accidentally crashing into a body of water. The thought of being trapped in a car as it slowly sinks into water gives me goosebumps. 

One man in Florida was very fortunate when police officers found him after he crashed his car into a canal and his car had been submerged in water. They wouldn’t have been able to find him without today’s latest technology. 

Late at night on February 28th, the Sheriff’s office in Martin County, Florida, received an “automated crash distress signal” from an unknown cell phone. 

On newer Apple iPhone models, there is a ‘Crash Detection’ feature that will alert emergency services if it detects that you have been in a severe car crash.

When a 38-year-old man accidentally crashed his car into a murky canal that night in Florida, that distress signal saved his life. 

He crashed around 1:00 am after swerving to avoid an animal on the road. The crash detection signal had sent the man’s latitude and longitude coordinates to the police dispatchers, who then plugged them into Google Maps to figure out exactly where he had crashed.

If no one could get his exact location, it would’ve taken much longer to discover his car. Who knows what could have happened?

When they got to the site, they found his car flipped upside down and submerged in the water. The man was still alive inside, desperately calling out for help. He had just enough air to survive until he was helped. 

“Without hesitation, deputies jumped into the water and rescued the injured man,” wrote the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in a statement on Facebook. 

Floral Deco – – illustrative purposes only

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