He Agreed To Give His Daughter Money For Her Wedding, But Then She Eloped, And She’s Expecting Him To Fork Over The Money Still So She Can Spend It On Her Honeymoon

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man has a daughter named Jane, who recently got engaged. When he and his wife found out about Jane’s engagement, there were honestly thrilled.

Jane mentioned to them that she wasn’t in a hurry to set a wedding date, and she also didn’t want to jump right into wedding planning.

He and his wife completely understood, and they had no interest in putting any kind of pressure on Jane, but they did say that they were happy to give her money for her wedding.

Well, a week ago, Jane revealed to him that she ended up eloping with her husband, as they both weren’t interested in a huge wedding with all eyes on the two of them.

“This was a little disappointing, but we understood; she’s never been the type to want to be in the spotlight, so while we weren’t expecting it, it wasn’t the biggest shock in the world,” he explained.

“What did feel like a shock is when she assumed we’d just give her that amount of cash straight up. She said they wanted to use it to take a month-long traveling sabbatical/honeymoon.”

“My wife and I told her the money we were prepared to give her was for a family event, not just for her to do as she pleases. If she didn’t want a traditional wedding, that’s fine, but we never told her we were just giving her, say, 15k for the act of getting married.”

He and his wife offered to give Jane money in the first place because they didn’t want her to have to put a lot of her own money into her wedding, and since they figured Jane would be inviting a lot of their family members, they had no problem pitching in.

When he declined to give Jane the money for her honeymoon, she accused him of not keeping his promise.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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