He Inherited A Beach House And Allowed His Son To Live There Rent-Free, But As Soon As He Found Out That His Son’s Girlfriend Was Living There Too And Making $65,000 A Year, He Decided To Charge His Son Rent

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man recently inherited a beach house that has 3 bedrooms, and after his son graduated from college, he agreed to let him live in the house without paying rent.

The only thing he expected his son to do was to pay all the bills on the house, but since the house is completely paid off, the bills aren’t expensive at all.

He figured his son would be able to save up a lot of money by living in his house for free, and he did point out to his son that he’s taking a “financial hit” in order to help him in a big way.

Well, his son lived in the house for half a year, and then he discovered that his son allowed his girlfriend to move in without even telling him.

His son thinks this girl is going to be the woman he ends up with for the rest of his life, by the way.

His son did say thank you for everything he has done for him and the sacrifices he has made for him as a single dad, but his son pointed out that he wanted to be living with his girlfriend.

He agreed to let his son’s girlfriend remain in his house, but he insisted that his son needed to treat the house properly and do a good job taking care of it.

He finally got to meet his son’s girlfriend, and he was not impressed in the least by this girl. During his interaction with her, though, he learned that she has $40,000 in student loan debt she needs to pay off.

“My son later slipped that she’s making 65K a year,” he explained. “That changed everything.”

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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