Her Nanny Bought Her Daughter $50 Worth Of Books, And She’s Refusing To Reimburse Her Since She Didn’t Ask Beforehand

Tessa said to Ruby that the books had cost her $50, and Ruby replied back that she didn’t have that kind of money to pay her back.

Tessa then went to her and asked if she could be the one to give her the $50 for the books that she bought for Ruby.

“I said no, as Tessa had never asked me about buying Ruby the books, nor was I aware of the conversation between the two of them,” she said.

“Tessa got upset, and I asked Ruby to show me the text, which made no mention of price, or even the amount of books she was buying. Tessa only said that she found “some” books for Ruby. Ruby is on the autism spectrum and does not read between the lines. You have to be very literal with her.”

“Previously, Tessa has never bought Ruby more than one or two books at a time, so I told her that she should have clarified with Ruby regarding the amount or double-checked with me before purchasing and that I would not be paying the $50.”

Tessa did point out that she didn’t have the option to return the books from where she had purchased them, as that was a thrift store.

She didn’t budge at all in reminding Tessa she would not pay for the books, and she chastised her for not checking with her before buying them. Tessa wound up leaving, and Ruby is still quite upset about everything that happened.

“I am a single parent to Ruby, and while $50 dollars will not make or break the bank, it is definitely an unexpected expense,” she continued.

“I provide Tessa with an extra amount of money each month to spend on whatever she wants to do with Ruby (movies, the mall, etc.).”

“If she wanted to spend this fund on books for Ruby, that would have been totally fine- but she had already used it up.”

She is aware that Tessa is a student who does not have a lot of money, so she’s wondering if it was mean of her to refuse to reimburse Tessa for the books.

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