Her Stepsister’s Fiancé Suggested She Should Hook Up With Him, And She Wound Up Telling Her Stepdad He Came Onto Her, So Now Her Stepdad Is Refusing To Pay For Her Stepsister’s Wedding

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When this 28-year-old woman was a teenager, her mother and stepfather got married. In addition to gaining a new stepdad, though, she also got a new stepsister named Jen, who is now 29.

But unfortunately, she and Jen never really seemed to click.

“I have nothing against her. We just are not close,” she said.

Anyway, from the time she was 22 to 26-years-old, she worked at her stepdad’s company. Jen worked there as well and actually still does.

While she was employed by her stepdad’s office, though, she wound up becoming friends with a colleague named Pete. Everyone in the office noticed their friendship, too, and would constantly joke about Pete having a crush on her.

But, honestly, she admitted to never viewing him that way. Plus, Pete never actually made a move on her, so she did not pay too much attention to all of the teasings.

Once she began dating her now-husband, though, she realized that things between her and Pete started getting pretty awkward.

Fortunately, that awkwardness was pretty short-lived– because she ultimately quit her job and did not remain in contact with Pete.

They did still follow each other on social media, though, which is how she found out that Pete started dating her stepsister Jen just a few months later.

WellStock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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