Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Eggshells That You Probably Have Not Thought About Before

Mara Zemgaliete - - illustrative purposes only

Eggs are the gift that everyone is excited to indulge in, while eggshells are simply the gift wrapper we cast aside after cracking open the present.

On average, Americans eat about 278 eggs per year, and that number is only continuing to grow. Think of all the eggshells wasted!

Rectify the wasteful habit of chucking your eggshells in the trash by holding onto them for future use. There are plenty of opportunities to use eggshells in your daily life, so your stash won’t last long.

Here are five ways you can use your eggshells for good.

Number one: fertilize the garden. Winter is coming to an end, which means that the growing season is not far off. Eggshells are beneficial for plant growth, but especially for tomatoes.

When you plant tomatoes in your garden, sprinkle some eggshells underneath the ground and on top of the soil for good measure.

Loading your garden with eggshells is a surefire way to prevent your plants from suffering a calcium deficiency. A lack of essential nutrients will only lead to tomatoes deteriorating from blossom-end rot. Soon, a garden of plenty will blossom before your eyes.

Number two: feed the birds. Do the feathered creatures of your neighborhood a service by laying out a spread of baked eggshells for them to munch on.

You’ll be helping out the female birds immensely. They will appreciate the snack since it gives them the calcium they need before and after laying eggs. Producing eggs is no easy task. Female birds must use a great deal of calcium to make their eggs, and it can be tough finding enough nutrients in nature.

Mara Zemgaliete – – illustrative purposes only

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