His Fiancée Dumped Him After He Was Diagnosed With A Serious Illness, But Now She’s Showing Remorse And Wants To Get Back Together With Him

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This 25-year-old man has spent close to 7 years with his 24-year-old fiancée after originally meeting her in college.

After graduating, they both started their careers, and they also moved in with one another. He truly thought they were creating an incredible life together, and he has to say that his relationship with her has been basically flawless.

He loves his fiancée and has never had a significant problem with her up until now.

“It’s honestly been a fairytale, and we got engaged last year in June,” he explained. “A couple of months before the engagement, I was screened for a genetic illness that my mother has.”

“It is a pretty devastating disease that means that the sufferer loses their motor control later in life and often in a wheelchair by around 40/50. They will also likely need late-life care. Unfortunately, my screening showed that I had the disease.”

“I know this would have a massive impact on my girlfriend, and I tried to give her an opportunity to consider whether this news changed how she felt about me and whether she would want to consider pursuing a life together despite the challenges that lay before us.”

She really supported him as he came to terms with this news, and she also reassured him that she was in love with him and would not leave him.

He then decided to propose to her, and although he expressed an interest in picking a date for their wedding, his fiancée kept putting it off.

Eventually, he was able to get his fiancée to admit to him why she was stalling on the wedding planning, and she admitted that she never informed her parents of his diagnosis.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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