His Fiancée Dumped Him After He Was Diagnosed With A Serious Illness, But Now She’s Showing Remorse And Wants To Get Back Together With Him

His fiancée was worried that her parents would convince her to dump him over the diagnosis. He reminded his fiancée that she insisted she wanted to be with him regardless, so he pushed her to tell her parents about what was going on.

Well, that went really poorly, and his fiancée’s parents flipped out, giving her an ultimatum: she could pick him, or she could pick them.

Throughout the entire relationship he has had with his fiancée, her parents have been good with their relationship.

He even thoughtfully asked his fiancée’s dad if he could have her hand in marriage prior to proposing, and her dad did say yes.

“However, once they found out about my diagnosis, they went nuclear and told my fiancée that health is the number one key to happiness in life,” he said.

“I gave my fiancée about a month to decide whether she’d want to stay with me or leave me. During the last week of this period, I spent time at my parents’ to give her some space to make her own decision. I was keen for this decision to be hers alone.”

“Unfortunately, her parents did not agree, and her father visited her 3 or 4 times over this period. Her mother also sent incredibly guilty messages, suggesting people would think of her as a “loser” for staying with me and that she would never forgive her if her father broke down (who’s dealing with the onset of illness of his own mother).”

When the month came to a close, he pushed his fiancée to give him an answer, and she said that she was dumping him.

He was heartbroken to learn of her decision, as he really believed the years they spent together were nothing but wonderful.

2 days after she dumped him, they spent some time together, and his fiancée said that she had changed her mind; she really wanted to work things out.

His fiancée says she’s remorseful, but her parents are still complicating things by messaging her to try to make her stick to her word.

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