How To Plan And Host An Epic Bachelorette Weekend, Complete With A Simple Checklist

2. Themes Are Key

Every party is more fun when there is a theme. It’s a simple way to get everyone excited (and looking cohesive). You can also choose a theme that plays into the bride’s interests to really personalize the bachelorette party.

If the bride loves the hit television show “Friends,” for instance, you could do a classic play on the episode titles and make the theme of the celebration “The One Where She Gets Married.”

For dancing, you could go for a fun disco theme. Or, if the bride is a ’90s baby, you can’t go wrong with a nostalgic Y2K theme.

The possibilities are totally endless, and you can go as big or as small with the theme as you want. Just be sure to check with the bride to see if she already has a theme in mind before settling on your idea.

3. Location, Location, Location

Once you have a good idea of the bride and bridal party’s interests, budget, travel preferences, and theme, you can finally pick out a location.

If your group is down to travel abroad and is in the market for a wild bachelorette excursion, visiting Tulum, Mexico, is a perfect spot.

For continental destinations that are still bound to offer a ton of party opportunities, check out Miami, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

Finally, if the bride is more low-key, you can look into trips to Denver, Colorado, or Asheville, North Carolina. There, you will find plenty of hiking trails and beautiful scenic views. There are also plenty of local breweries and bars to sip and relax.

It’s also important to note that bachelorette parties do not always have to involve travel. There are plenty of ways to make hometown celebrations super special, too. If that’s more in line with your plan, you could always look into local Airbnb rentals for a change of scenery that won’t break the bank.

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