Her Toddler Totally Creeped Her Out When He Started Talking About A Historical Event That She Didn’t Know About

AMR Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

A mom has taken to TikTok to tell her viewers how she’s convinced her young son has revealed to her that he has lived in a past life. Sounds crazy, right? This story might just make you believe it’s true.

Kelse (@kelsewhatelse) is a TikTok creator who often makes videos about her life as a mom. She recently told her viewers about an incident with her son that is pretty mindblowing. 

“Did my two-year-old remember how he died in a former life?” Kelse asks her viewers. “He said something back in April that kind of creeped me out.”

In April, Kelse was with her son and a group of friends touring the Cardinals baseball stadium in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

After spending some time at the stadium, the group decided to walk to a local restaurant for lunch. While walking, Kelse noticed that her son wasn’t directly behind her. 

The group suddenly turned around to find her son standing still and staring into a blank space in the downtown area. 

One of Kelse’s friends tried to get his attention and tell him they were going inside the restaurant. Her son replied with something totally unexpected. 

“It’s just so sad,” her son said while staring at the blank space.

When Kelse’s friend asked him what was sad, her son replied, “A lot of people got hurt when the tornado came through.”

AMR Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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