If You’re A Peeps Fan, Check Out This Recipe That Includes Them In Rice Krispies Treats

Mat Hayward - - illustrative purposes only

The Easter season is upon us, and if you’re like most Americans who celebrate the holiday, you’ll probably be purchasing some candy for the affair.

Surprisingly, Easter is the holiday when the most candy is sold, not Halloween or even Valentine’s Day. And among all those candy purchases, it’s almost a guarantee that a certain neon-colored, sugarcoated marshmallow has made its way into everyone’s shopping carts.

Traditionally, Peeps are soft marshmallows shaped like baby chickens and rolled in colored sugar. They have eyes made out of edible wax. Nowadays, they also have bunny versions for Easter.

But the original yellow chicks are still the most popular, and the candy has become a symbol for the spring holiday. It has been estimated that 1.5 billion Peeps are eaten every Easter.

Peeps are very versatile and can be consumed in many different ways. Some people like to eat Peeps fresh out of the package, while others prefer to let them go stale and munch on their crunchiness.

And still, others have put together some wacky creations to make Peeps an even more delicious treat. For example, you can pair Peeps with a cocktail, stuff them in cookies, or make faux sushi called “Peepshi.”

But if those options aren’t appealing to your taste buds, here’s another Peeps-related recipe that sounds and looks a lot more normal, and it won’t disappoint.

Rice Krispies treats are a classic and beloved snack that virtually no one can dislike. So, paired with Peeps, it becomes irresistible.

TikToker @fivefootfeminine is sharing a recipe for these Rice Krispies treats made with the iconic marshmallow. Read on for the recipe!

Mat Hayward – – illustrative purposes only

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