In 1993, This 22-Year-Old Woman From California Vanished After Suffering A Psychotic Break 

State of California Department of Justice - pictured above is Kristi

After Kristi Krebs of Fort Bragg, California, graduated high school in 1989, she began working full-time at a local restaurant. Eventually, though, the upbeat and cheerful teen reportedly became infatuated with a married man.

Kristi’s obsession ultimately resulted in fantasies. And on April 30, 1990, she drove around for hours thinking about marrying the man before getting lost on a country road.

The teen’s car wound up getting stuck in the mud before bursting into flames. Then, after the vehicle was discovered– with a completely destroyed interior– Kristi was nowhere to be found.

The following morning, a few railroad workers did spot a young disoriented woman walking down the tracks. One of the workers also identified the young woman as Kristi and phoned her parents– who soon realized that the car fire had caused their daughter to suffer a traumatic mental breakdown.

After Kristi was picked up by her father, Bob Krebs, everything appeared to be alright.

“Initially, we thought things were okay,” Bob recalled.

“But as we were driving back into town, the behavior we were getting from her was very bizarre– chanting and doing very weird things. And I looked at my wife and said, ‘We are not going home. We’re going to the hospital.”

According to Kristi’s mother, Susan Krebs, the hospital staff first believed the teen might have been on drugs. After testing Kristi, though, it was found there was nothing in her system.

So, for the following months, the teen was constantly in and out of the hospital– ultimately being diagnosed with a trauma-related psychotic break.

State of California Department of Justice – pictured above is Kristi

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