In 2001, She Attended A Party With Her Friends, But After She Got Dropped Off Back At Her Home That Night, This College Girl Mysteriously Vanished

State of California Department of Justice - pictured above is Cindy

After being born on February 25, 1980, Cindy Song spent most of her young life in South Korea before moving to live with her family in Alexandria, Virginia.

Once in the United States, she was a student at Hayfield Secondary School before transferring to Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia.

Then, after Cindy graduated high school in 1998, she went on to attend Penn State University. There, she studied integrative arts and joined various clubs– including the Korean Undergraduate Student Association, the Advertising Club, and the American Red Cross.

Much like many of her peers, she also rented an apartment, worked, and dated.

Come Halloween in 2001, though, Cindy’s future dreams of becoming a “talented graphic and fashion designer” were shattered after the 21-year-old mysteriously disappeared.

That year, Halloween was on a Wednesday– which gave college students like Cindy the perfect opportunity to celebrate on a school night.

So, she and her two friends– Lisa and Stacy – dressed up and went out to a Halloween party for a night of dancing and drinking.

Cindy decided to dress up as a bunny, wearing a pair of bunny ears and a tail. According to Lisa, she looked cute– which was “her thing.”

“She was very cute. She liked to look cute,” Lisa recalled.

State of California Department of Justice – pictured above is Cindy

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