She Interviewed A Group Of Children And Asked If They Would Rather Have $1 Million Dollars Or 1 Million Social Media Followers, And The Answers They Gave Are Surprising

And finally, the third boy said, “I’d say if you have one million followers, it’ll be easier to gain support from other people. And if you spread all your followers around the world, you can make a lot of money.”

The boys’ answers led to some differing opinions in the comments section. Several TikTok users were full of criticism toward the younger generation of kids, while others praised the boys’ spirit and intelligence.

“They would choose dinner with Jay-Z,” declared one user.

“School is teaching nothing, really,” stated a second.

“They’re not wrong; 1m followers can get crazy brand deals,” another user pointed out.

“I can’t believe these comments! These boys have an amazing mentality for their age! Super entrepreneurial attitude,” exclaimed a fourth.

Which would you choose? The money or the followers?


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