She Was The Widower Of A Wealthy Linoleum Tycoon Who Vanished In 1949, And She Was Wearing $25,000 Worth Of Jewelry When She Went Missing

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In the early 1940s, Mimi Boomhower of Los Angeles, California, was the wife of Novis Boomhower– a linoleum tycoon and big-game hunter.

But, come 1943, her husband passed away– leaving her to inherit lofty wealth and Novis’ large collection of hunting trophies.

These awards lined the halls of her luxurious mansion in Bel Air. But, by 1949, Mimi’s impressive home gained a new macabre reputation.

August 18, 1949, was the last day that anyone saw the 48-year-old alive. Mimi had just finished phoning one of her friends and appeared to be in good spirits– despite the fact that the sixth anniversary of her husband’s death had occurred the day prior.

Her phone conversation ended at about 8:00 p.m., after which Mimi planned to get ready for a date. She reportedly told her business manager that she was going to meet a “gentleman” and claimed she would call at 8:30 p.m.

But Mimi never called. Over the next few days, a few friends tried to contact the 48-year-old but had no luck.

Being that she was a widow with high social status and plenty of connections, Mimi also had a social schedule packed full of events. So, once she did not show up, questions began to swirl.

Mimi did not have much family in her life, and her siblings did not live on the West Coast. Still, her wide circle of friends all believed that her disappearance was completely uncharacteristic.

Despite this, Mimi’s acquaintances initially believed she had just gone away for a short trip and would return soon.

The Doe Network – pictured above is Mimi

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