She’s Sharing 3 Things She Wishes She Knew About Gardening Before Getting Started, Because This Knowledge Would Have Saved Her Time And Money

Instead, water around the base of your plants to ensure that it reaches the roots. With overhead watering, at least 30 percent of the water evaporates before getting to the plant’s base.

Not Planting Marigolds

Plant marigolds in your garden. I repeat, plant marigolds in your garden! Yes, even if it’s a vegetable garden. Not only are these flowers easy on the eyes, but they also attract good insects and help deter bad ones.

The marigold’s bright blooms bring in pollinators and draw in predatory insects as well, such as ladybugs. They assist with ridding your garden of pests that damage your crops.

Marigolds come in a range of fiery colors, including orange, yellow, red, and maroon. So pick your favorite shade and insert them into the ground come growing season!

Keeping a Pest-Infested Garden

Even though you’ve got your marigolds, you can’t just let them do all the work. Many people don’t check for pests enough, thinking that the marigolds will repel them all or Mother Nature will wash them away with a rainstorm. You’re not out of the woods yet!

You must frequently inspect your plants’ leaves for pests. You’ll also want to scour them for eggs. If you find any eggs, pick them off to prevent more unwanted bugs from appearing.

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