She’s Sharing The Story Of How She Spilled The Poo-Pourri Spray She Keeps In Her Handbag All Over Her Date

But it doesn’t stop there. While walking together to her car, Cristina’s date asked her why she carried Poo-Pourri with her.

He began questioning her about bathroom-related things. Cristina couldn’t believe they were discussing her trips to the toilet on a second date.

They ended up talking for a while in her car, moving away from the topic of bowel movements, much to Cristina’s relief. At some point, Cristina realized her lips were chapped, so she pulled out her bag again to get her lip gloss.

As she opened up her purse, the spray nozzle of the Poo-Pourri bottle flew out and landed directly on his lap, drenching him in even more of the fragrant liquid. At the beginning of the night, the bottle was full. But by the end, it was completely empty.

We don’t know what he did in his past to deserve the karma of getting Poo-Pourri spilled on him twice in one night, but it must’ve been pretty awful.


the way ive been carrying that bottle around with me for 2 years straight and it has never spilled once ?? whoevers watching out for me up there slay youre so real for this ? also this is a draft from a few months ago ?#UnlimitedHPInk

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