She’s Showing You How You Can Take A Kiddie Pool And Turn It Into A Giant Easter Basket

TikTok - @wrappinqueen

Aside from the egg hunt, receiving their Easter basket filled with goodies is the highlight of the holiday for every youngster.

But it can be tough to come up with something original and different from previous years, especially if you have more than one Easter basket to arrange.

TikToker Nikki (@wrappinqueen) is sharing her idea for a giant Easter basket that can also be utilized in the summertime.

It’s both creative and practical!

If you have tiny tots, their eyes will pop out of their sockets once they catch sight of this kiddie pool Easter basket.

Sometimes, it’s fun to go over the top and surprise your kids with something they would never have expected to find in their living room.

All you have to do is buy an inflatable pool with a lively pattern, fill it up with air, and pile in the presents.

After inflating the pool, scatter a bunch of Easter grass in it. The fake grass just ties everything together–all baskets have it.

Next, set a few large plastic Easter eggs into the pool, along with some board games, candy, stuffed animals, or whatever you typically put in your Easter baskets.

Since summer is not far off, it makes sense to add items that your kids can play with in the coming months.

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