She’s Upset With How Many Gifts Her Mom Buys For Her Son, So When Her Mom Gave Her Son 2 Lavish Easter Baskets, She Returned Them

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When you were a kid, did you ever have relatives who spoiled you whenever they saw you? 

One woman is upset with her mother after she’s been bringing an insane amount of gifts and goodies to her newly adopted son. 

She and her husband adopted their 10-year-old son one year ago. They previously lived far away from family but moved closer so that their son could experience life with his grandparents, cousins, and other relatives.

“The issue is that my mom is going way over the top with gifts for our son,” she said. “She’s a grandma for the first time, so I get that she is thrilled. But when I was young, she didn’t really have the ability to connect emotionally with me.”

She explained further that because her mom struggled to connect and bond with her emotionally, she would spoil her with money and all sorts of gifts to make up for it. Now, she worries the same thing is happening with her son. 

For instance, as first-time parents, she and her husband were excited to give their son a special Christmas, where they would be the ones to provide him with the ‘biggest gift’ of the day.

But then, they met up with her mom, who gave him way more gifts than they did. She thinks he opened around 50 presents on Christmas Eve at her house. 

“The next day just felt not as exciting for us since we felt it couldn’t live up to what she got him,” she recalled.

“I asked her to please bring it down. We said we don’t want to give gifts excessively, and we don’t want him to think that big gifts equal love.”

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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