Should You Walk Down The Aisle If You Aren’t 100% Sure? Spouses Share Their Horror Stories After They Didn’t Trust Their Guts

“I have been with women who had more of these qualities, but they had a ton of faults that were deal breakers for me. Things like verbal abuse, lying, inability to save money, and being a slob are all big no-nos,” he explained.

At the same time, though, he is not sure if the positive qualities he sees in his girlfriend are enough for marriage.

And he has been wondering if not being 100% confident about his partner before tying the knot is a normal feeling or if it is just a big red flag. So, he took to Reddit to inquire about other people’s marriages. Unfortunately, though, the thread revealed how not being completely sure about your future spouse can have tragic consequences.

Horror Stories From The Less Than Sure

“I was not 100% sure. My gut told me not to go through with it on my wedding day, and I didn’t listen to it. I took a Xanax on my wedding day and did it anyways. I wish I would’ve listened to my gut.”


“I also ignored my gut and divorced four years later.”


“I had a panic attack as I was about to walk down the aisle because I knew he had cheated repeatedly in the past, and my body was telling me not to do it because he was going to do it again.”

“But my brain was dumb and trying to say he won’t do it anymore because he’s married now. He’ll be faithful. And we spent so much money on the wedding I couldn’t back out at the last second. But spoiler: he has not been faithful, and there are times I wish I had listened to my gut on my wedding day.”


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