After His Ex-Wife Asked Him To Help Pay His Son’s Living Expenses, He Told Her To Go Get Another Job And Pay For Him Herself

micromonkey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most parents freak out when their kid drops out of college, especially when they have no plan. Whether they choose to support their child financially or not after they drop out is their choice. 

One man is in a bad place with his son after he refused to get his act together after dropping out of college. 

He and his ex-wife, Diana, have a 19-year-old son together. There’s been a lot of tension between them ever since they divorced when their son was 7-years-old. 

His son graduated high school in 2021 and went to a good college to study engineering. Although he got excellent grades during his first year, he decided to drop out during his second year. 

“Mind you, he got all A’s and B’s,” he said. “He just said he did not want to go to college and wanted to do something else.”

However, his son didn’t have a plan for what that “something else” would be. So he allowed his son to live at his house with his new wife and two young kids for a few months to decide what he wanted to do and make a plan for his future. But after four unproductive months, he kicked him out and sent him to live with his mom.

He worried that his son was becoming a bad influence on his two younger siblings. For instance, one time, he came home and found his son hanging around shirtless as two strange girls were making their exit. 

Four months after he sent his son to live with Diana, he received an email from her. She asked if he could send her some money to help with their son’s living expenses.

She asked him to send her $400 a month. Although he could afford those costs, he doesn’t want to send them any money.

micromonkey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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