These People Recently Discussed Their Favorite Parts About Being Married, And Their Responses Are Truly Heartwarming

“We went to Disney World this summer, and my husband got sick and wasn’t able to join us for the last two park days. So, it was just me and our three kids– all old enough that it wasn’t a nightmare, thankfully.”

“But while we had a lot of fun, just the four of us, there were moments of sheer joy for my kids, and I was sad that he wasn’t there to share that with us.”


“Probably the sense of security. I have a best friend who knows everything about me and actually loves me, and cares about my happiness. I don’t feel alone or empty anymore. It’s the best!”


Who You Can Laugh, Cry, And Just Be Yourself With

“The ability to be utterly ridiculous and know your hubby isn’t going to take it seriously. Having ‘inside jokes and gestures’ that only the two of you ‘get.'”

“And the ability to see something happen, look at each other, and know you are both thinking about the same past event.”


“Non-verbal communication is strong. My wife knows me very well and easily picks up when I’m upset, sad, or anything out of the ordinary and can help.”


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