This Bartender Is Sharing A Story About One Of The Worst First Dates She Ever Witnessed

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Morgan Roos (@morganroos96) works as a bartender at her local dive bar in Denver, and she’s sharing a story on TikTok about one of the worst first dates she has ever witnessed.

So Morgan was working one Sunday night, and this was what the scene was like at the bar that night. The bar was a bit dingy and run-down, and half of the crowd was getting rowdy, shooting pool and shouting at the TV.

The other half consisted of a large group of bikers speaking in hushed tones like they were discussing some serious business.

So when a very attractive couple walked through the door, Morgan’s eye was drawn to them immediately.

From what she overheard, Morgan determined that this bar was the guy’s favorite place, and he had decided to take his date here. However, his date wasn’t pleased, and didn’t consider the bar an appropriate place for a first date.

The girl was frantically glancing at her surroundings and clutching her bag like she thought someone would rob her. Clearly, she wasn’t from the area, which was made even more evident when she spoke in a Valley Girl accent.

So they ordered two drinks and ended up sitting at a table directly across from Morgan. The girl was sitting with her back facing the wall of TVs, which was broadcasting the Denver Nuggets basketball game.

The guy tried to make small talk and get to know her, but she was rudely texting and giggling at her phone right in front of him. Finally, he asked if everything was okay. And this was how she responded.

“Yeah, sorry, one of my boys texted me asking if he could fly me out this weekend,” recalled Morgan.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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