This Dermatologist Is Dishing On Whether Or Not You Should Be Using The Coffee Hack For Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

However, the effects are short-lived, and results are only seen when practiced consistently. Furthermore, she does not advocate for applying coffee grounds directly on the skin.

The coarse granules of the coffee grounds are too harsh for the delicate skin of the under-eyes. Instead, Dr. Adel recommends eye creams containing caffeine.

Here are some affordable brands to consider: The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream, Loreal Revitalift Eye Serum with caffeine and hyaluronic acid, and The Ordinary Caffeine Solution Serum.

So there you go, coffee lovers! Skip putting coffee directly on your skin, and incorporate a caffeine-containing eye cream/serum into your regular routine to receive some under-eye benefits.


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? original sound – Dr Adel | Dermatologist

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