This Mom Is Sharing How She Prevents Her Toddler From Having Tantrums In Public

rigg - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

One mom prevents her toddler from having public temper tantrums before they occur using this foolproof trick. (Disclaimer: every child is unique and responds differently to certain stimuli. This is just what works for her.)

Rachael (@rachlynnrogers) is a certified parent coach, and she’s on TikTok breaking down the steps she takes to thwart temper tantrums.

When it comes to preparing toddlers to leave places they love, such as a park, zoo, or a friend’s house, Rachael does three things to stave off the disappointment of the fun coming to an end.

Her daughter willingly left her favorite place without crying, whining, or protesting. And she’s only two and a half years old!

While you may not be able to avoid tantrums all the time, this approach can help to decrease their frequency.

The first thing Rachael did was alert her daughter that they had two minutes left of playtime. Of course, her daughter asked for five more minutes instead, which Rachael granted.

So the second thing Rachael did was inform her daughter that her request for five more minutes was met with approval.

Rachael explains that toddlers requesting more time to continue an activity isn’t because they’re trying to start an argument.

“It’s their attempt to fill their autonomy bucket or the freedom to choose,” she said.

rigg – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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