A Positive Interaction With Someone He Delivered Groceries To Has Him Believing That Everything Truly Does Happen For A Reason

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One TikTok creator made a video about a recent interaction that made him believe that “everything happens for a reason.”

Pablo Tamayo (@thisisntpablo) was unaware that he was about to get rewarded for a good deed when he accepted an Instacart order that he didn’t realize was a long 45 minutes away from where he lives.

“I was like, ‘I’m definitely not gonna make enough money to cover the gas,'” Pablo says in his video. “What did I just do?”

Pablo knew that he needed to carry out his responsibilities with the order, so he went to the grocery store to pick up the items.

When he arrived at the customer’s house, he was amazed to see that the man lived in a mansion. That was when Pablo started thinking, “Maybe this is worth it,” hoping he would get a good tip.

After Pablo dropped off the groceries, he noticed a gorgeous ocean view near the mansion and decided to go over and enjoy it for a while. Unfortunately, while he was over there, he noticed tons of garbage in the area.

“How sad is it that there’s trash all over the floor?” asks Pablo in his video. “So I go to my car, I get a plastic bag, and start picking up all the trash that I can see.”

Pablo was outside for about 15 minutes picking up trash in the area while a bunch of neighbors walked by without saying anything or offering to help.

Then, the man who lived in the mansion came outside to see what Pablo was up to. After Pablo explained that he was picking up all of the trash he saw, the man was stunned. He called Pablo “an amazing human being.”

adisa – – illustrative purposes only

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