In 2017, This Mother And Her Son From Alabama Mysteriously Vanished From Home: Investigators Later Found Evidence In Their Backyard, But The Investigation Remains Ongoing

Facebook - pictured above are Susan and Evan

Susan Osborne was a dedicated mother who enjoyed spending quality time with her kids and getting out into nature to go fishing. She also had a son, Evan Chartrand, and moved from Michigan to Alabama while still married to her ex-husband.

Eventually, Susan and her ex did get divorced. But, she opted to continue living in Alabama with her son– even though much of their family lived out of state.

The distance did not change how much friends and loved ones valued Susan, though. They described her as a sweet and shy yet witty person. Her son, too, left a mark on everyone he encountered.

“The world was truly a better place with him in it. He was a light in a dark world,” Evan’s fourth-grade teacher said.

Following Susan’s divorce, she did enter another relationship– ultimately giving birth to her daughter with this man. Unfortunately, though, her relationship with her daughter’s father also ended in May 2009.

But around this same time, Susan gained a new neighbor– Hollie – who moved in right across the street from Susan’s residence in Prattville. And immediately, the two women forged a solid friendship.

“She was one of the types of people who, if she ever said she was going to do something, she did it. She’s very dependable, always there,” Hollie said of Susan.

Due to Susan’s somewhat tumultuous track record with relationships, though, she ultimately decided to step out of the dating pool. Afterward, she poured all of her focus onto her children.

She primarily spent most of her time with Evan, her daughter, and their two pet dogs– Sugar and Schnook– for several years.

Facebook – pictured above are Susan and Evan

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