He’s At A Standstill With His Wife After He Told Her They Have To Stop Setting Aside A Weekly Allowance For Their Dog

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Some households don’t believe in giving kids weekly allowances. How about the pets in the house? Should they get an allowance?

One man is at a standstill with his wife after he told her they had to stop setting aside a weekly allowance to spend on extra prizes for their dog.

He and his wife adopted their dog a few years ago, and it took them a long time to get him trained, as he was already an adult dog who had never lived inside. 

When they first adopted their dog, he would go wild, chew things up, and go to the bathroom in the house. But, after lots of training and using rewards like treats, their dog has come a long way and no longer does those things.

Getting a dog was a big milestone for them as a couple since his wife found out a while back that she could not have children due to medical issues. Now, their dog is like their baby.

In the middle of training, his wife had the idea to give their dog an ‘allowance’ for when he got through a week with good behavior. 

Of course, they couldn’t physically hand their dog cash, but every week his wife would take him to their local PetSmart and buy him $25 worth of whatever she knew he’d like, like treats and toys. 

He always thought this was silly, especially since giving their dog treats was already a part of his routine. But at the time, he was happy to see no more pee on the carpet or chewed-up pillows, so he went along with it.

This went on for years, but recently, they’ve unfortunately fallen on some hard times with money and need to be careful about budgeting. He no longer sees the need to spend an extra $100 a month on extra prizes for his dog.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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