She Got Into An Argument With Her Vegan Friend After Trying To Explain To Her That The Wine She Was Drinking Was Not Vegan

Alina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes it can be challenging to make plans or share activities with a friend who has a very different diet or lifestyle from you. 

One woman recently got into an argument with her vegan friend after trying to explain to her that the wine she was drinking during a get-together wasn’t vegan. 

She’s 26-years-old and has been close to this friend for a long time. Her friend is 30-years-old and follows a vegan lifestyle. 

She’s never minded her friend’s vegan diet and always tries to be super accommodating whenever she visits. 

“My only issue is that she can be a bit self-righteous about it,” she explained. 

Although she loves her friend and has a great history with her, since she’s been vegan, she’s had the tendency to alienate people who aren’t vegan.

Her friend often hurts people’s feelings with her opinions and makes it clear that she feels she’s superior for eating a vegan diet. 

Recently, she got caught up in vegan-related drama with her friend during a recent gathering she hosted. Many of the guests, including her friend, were drinking wine. 

Many of us may assume that since wine is mostly fermented grapes, all wine is vegan. However, during the wine-making process, some wineries introduce substances and ingredients derived from animals that are not suitable for a strictly plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle.

Alina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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