She Found Her Boyfriend’s Ex On Instagram And Now Feels Really Insecure Because His Ex Is Apparently Prettier Than Her

Sergii Moscaliuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is 36, for about a year and a half. And just the other day, while she was scrolling on social media, she came across his ex-girlfriend’s account– and it made her feel horrible about herself.

Apparently, it all began when she was looking at one of her boyfriend’s best friend’s shops on Instagram. After she visited that page, her boyfriend’s ex came up in the suggested section.

“So I got too curious and had a look at it,” she recalled. “Yes, I deeply regret it.”

She detailed how, as soon as she realized how much prettier her boyfriend’s ex was, her stomach actually dropped.

The worst part, though, was not just his ex’s beauty. Aside from appearance, she claimed that her boyfriend’s ex was also extremely smart, interesting, successful, and talented.

“If it was just the beauty that was the issue, I wouldn’t feel the way I do. Of course, a person’s value isn’t measured by how they look. But she overall just seems better than me,” she explained.

One specific thing that stood out, too, was how her boyfriend’s ex is an artist. And on his ex’s Instagram account, there were a ton of great paintings that had been made for her boyfriend when he was in his last relationship.

Along with the posts, her boyfriend’s ex had also written a ton of sweet captions that honestly made her feel sick.

She realized that her boyfriend and his ex actually had a ton in common, too– including all of the same hobbies.

Sergii Moscaliuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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