She Kicked Her Best Friend Out Of Her Wedding After She Gave A Speech About How Love Isn’t Real At Her Engagement Party

“I hate to break it to you, but what people call ‘love’ is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, babe, then it slowly fades. Break the cycle. Rise above. Focus on science,” Michelle said during her speech.

Now, at that moment, she was honestly super uncomfortable. But she really thought Michelle was just attempting to be funny.

That’s why she waited until after her best friend’s speech was over to ask what those statements were all about. To her surprise, though, Michelle stood behind everything and claimed that love did not really exist.

She was totally taken aback by that, too, and wound up just walking away. After all, she wanted to enjoy her evening– not get into an argument.

Her fiancé, Dave, also tried to lighten the mood. He pointed out how Michelle might have just been trying to brighten the mood since the engagement party had gotten a bit sappy– with a bunch of PowerPoints and other people’s speeches.

The very next day after her engagement party, though, Michelle reached out to her via text and still tried to defend the speech. In the messages, Michelle actually claimed that humans never mate for life and that it’s just “not in our nature.”

But honestly, she didn’t want to hear any of that. So, she asked her best friend to stop. Rather than taking the hint, though, Michelle just started going off on her. In fact, she even got accused of punishing Michelle for her beliefs.

This wound up continuing for a whole week, too. And by the end of it, she was seriously done. She ultimately told Michelle that she just needed some space. Then, after her best friend refused to respect her wishes, she was forced to take matters into her own hand.

More specifically, she informed Michelle that she would not be her maid of honor anymore. On top of that, she also admitted how she was not sure if Michelle would even be invited to her wedding.

“By this point, she had spent no money on my wedding except for a gift for the engagement party that I offered to return to her,” she clarified.

Since then, though, her fiancé’s mom has finally gotten an official date for a tourist visa. So, she and Dave have officially begun planning their nuptials, and she just feels guilty that Michelle is not by her side. After all, they always planned to do this together.

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