She’s Taking Working Out To The Next Level With What She Calls “The Treadmill Strut”

Ljupco Smokovski - - illustrative purposes only

Are you getting tired of your workout routine? Is your go-to cardio playlist getting old?

Well, have you heard of the ‘treadmill strut’ workout trend on TikTok? I can guarantee you’ll want to try it.

Women are embracing new cardio routines that came to life during the pandemic with trends like the “hot girl walk” and the “12-3-30 workout.”

Many people are realizing that strutting down the street or on a treadmill is so much more fun once you’re in a certain state of mind. In order to get there, you need a good playlist. 

Allie Bennett (@benntheredonethat) is a TikTok fitness creator that has named herself the CEO of “the treadmill strut.” 

Allie has curated a bunch of treadmill strut playlists designed to coordinate with a 30-minute cardio workout! Here’s how it works.

At the start of the workout, Allie says to set your desired walking or running pace to the beat of the first song.

Then, you increase your speed by .1 miles per hour every time the song changes. And, of course, be sure that the playlist is not on shuffle! They’re intended to play in order. 

Allie’s treadmill strut playlists, which you can find on her Spotify profile, come in a wide variety of artists, vibes, albums, and genres!

For instance, Allie has a treadmill strut playlist dedicated to Taylor Swift songs, but also another more specific one dedicated to her latest album, Midnights

Allie’s trend has gotten so popular that celebrities and influencers have filmed themselves trying them out, like Lizzo, who filmed herself listening to Allie’s “Lizzo Treadmill Strut” playlist on her treadmill!

Ljupco Smokovski – – illustrative purposes only

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