She’s Talking About The Time Her Ex And His Wife Ended Up In The Same Labor And Delivery Room As Her

Monkey Business - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Running into an ex unexpectedly can feel embarrassing and inconvenient, especially when you’re not looking the best. But imagine your ex seeing you in an unflattering hospital gown!

TikToker Maddy Cifelli (@madi_lane_) is sharing a story about the time her ex-boyfriend and his wife ended up in the same labor and delivery room as her.

The eight-second clip of herself lying in a hospital bed went viral. In the video’s caption, she added that the labor and delivery unit at the hospital was too full, but at least there was a curtain dividing her from her ex.

She also clarified in the comments section that the ex in question was from her high school days, not her ex-husband.

Viewers were curious about how the situation went down, so Maddy made another video explaining what happened.

In the follow-up video, she revealed that she had been having a lot of complications with her pregnancy, so her doctor decided to send her to the hospital’s labor and delivery wing.

Maddy was only 25 weeks pregnant, and she was deemed high-risk, so the doctor just wanted to take extra precautions with her.

“The hospital has been completely crazy. The ER was packed, labor and delivery was packed,” said Maddy.

When Maddy and her partner Cody arrived at their room, she told him about her previous stay at the hospital. The last time Maddy had been there, she had to share a room with someone.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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